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Four books featuring train journeys

1. Strangers On A Train

By Patricia Highsmith (Vintage, £7.99) The plot of this classic crime thriller stems from a chance meeting on a train. Guy Haines wants to divorce his wife but a stranger on a train has other ideas: Bruno suggests a swap – he’ll kill Guy’s wife if Guy kills Bruno’s father. The story of Guy’s overwhelming guilt and paranoia follows.

2. Harry Potter

By JK Rowling The Hogwarts Express is a major feature of most of the seven-book series, starting when Harry takes the magical train for his first year at the school. The train sees plenty of action, from the discovery of chocolate frogs to a visit by the Dementors and lots of confrontations with the Slytherin bunch.

3. Murder On The Orient Express

By Agatha Christie (Harper Collins, £7.99) A Poirot story that takes place on the Orient Express. The night after Poirot meets Mr Ratchett, our detective’s slumber is disturbed by screams – of course Ratchett’s been murdered. Poirot investigates, finding plenty of people on the train with connections to the deceased – but who had most motive?

4. Snowpiercer

By Jacques Lob (Titan, £11.27) This graphic novel, originally in French, takes place in a post-apocalyptic frozen world, in which society is represented on a train. The poor live in squalid conditions in the rear coaches, while the rich, at the front, have luxuries such as fruit and meat, believed to be extinct. Our heroes, Proloff and Belleau, must attempt to escape while protecting their friends.