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Five modern takes on the colourful glass – no glitter or frosting in sight

Image for Enviable goblets

Enviable goblets

It was hard to pick a favourite from Zara Home’s current wine glass range – there’s everything from retro but classy brown glass to flowery pink ones. The green appeals for the colour and texture and the chunky stem means they won’t smash in two when knocked against the tap during washing up. £4.99, Zara Home

Image for Designer hit

Designer hit

This is a glass of triumph, brought out when something important has happened, like we’ve splashed out on a full-price bottle of wine. It’s our version of the ‘good glasses’ our mum had. By Finnish design brand, Marimekko, known for patterned textiles and bright colours, it comes in three colourways. This is the one we favour. £32, Amara

Image for Supersize me

Supersize me

We know Wedgwood from peering into our grandparents’ glass cabinet as a kid. These are special; the type of glasses you’ll have forever. The stemless design means you won’t knock them over while gesticulating after a few, and they’re large (14cm tall) so suited to red wine or use as water goblets. £25 for two, Harrods

Image for No rummaging

No rummaging

Inspired by vintage designs, LSA’s glasses are handpainted with a pearlescent paint for a slight iridescent sheen. While pearlescent isn’t usually a finish we’d look for, it works with these colours, lending a retro vibe and making them look less plastic and more expensive. There are matching tumblers, too. £30 for four, Heal’s

Image for Future classic

Future classic

These arty-looking glasses come in five different colours and each one is hand-dipped so the shape created by the pigment is unique. They’re from the modern diffusion line of the early 20th-century Italian ceramic makers, Bitossi, and very reasonably priced for it, too. £8.95 each, Howkawpow