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We’re confident you don’t keep your keys on a bit of string, but you might want to consider a lovely new keyring. Just because

Image for Surrogate pet

Surrogate pet

A tactile keyring is just the thing to have in your pocket during a stressful train journey when the whole weight of someone and their sharp, pointy bag is pressed awkwardly into your spine. *Anger. Rising.* Stroke this and feel instantly calmer. Would also be just dandy attached to your bag. Feather keyring, £12, Topshop

Image for Power and magic

Power and magic

The hippyish 70s vibe around right now has even made it to your house keys. This retro-looking slab of agate “is thought to balance energies and awaken inherent talents.” Whatever – it made us want to prance and sing that Age of Aquarius song. Maybe there is something in it. Agate keyring, £8, Urban Outfitters

Image for Lippy service

Lippy service

We like that you can tell a Lulu Guinness accessory a mile off – the red and black colourway, simple, striking ladylike designs. This pleasingly chunky Perspex keyring checks all the boxes and is much cheaper than the equivalent bag version. Black Perspex lipstick keyring, £45, Lulu Guinness

Image for Woah, nelly

Woah, nelly

This stylish elephant design was originally a money box designed for a German bank chain in the early 1960s when plastics were just becoming common in the home. This is a modern version in the same shape – but it’s even more appealing in keyring size. Drumbo elephant keyring, £3.68, Etsy

Image for You have purpose

You have purpose

House Envy is full of very attractive homeware items but it is this misleadingly simple design we suggest you buy first. It looks like a key and it is, kind of – the key to getting into that 5pm Friday desk beer. Do not underestimate how useful this is. You are now the most popular person at every party, picnic and BBQ. Key bottle opener, £7.50, House Envy