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Emerald Street’s top 10 ready-made soups

Aromatic Asian Chicken Soup, Pret a Manger

Actually a treat when this particular soup gets rotated in to Pret’s collection. It’s full of turmeric and tamarind and sharp citrus flavours. Will wake you up and make you happy, even as you sit at your desk.

New Covent Garden, Smoked Haddock Chowder

Perhaps not one for work (how fussy are your colleagues about fish in the microwave?), but one of the best for an easy weekend lunch, especially if it’s pelting with rain outside. Pour it into a thick bowl, find a good chunk of rye bread and pick up a book. We would pair this soup with Annie Proulx’s The Shipping News or Tove Jansson’s The Winter Book.

Beetroot and Horseradish, Yorkshire Provender

The best of the beetroots as the horseradish gives it a good kick. We like all of Yorkshire Provender’s range with their emphasis on using local ingredients, but this one is a bit different to a lot of off-the-shelf soups and also a fantastic colour.

Moroccan Spiced Chicken Soup, Sainsburys

“Like a proper meal,” says acting deputy editor Anna-Marie Crowhurst. And the chickpeas and shredded chicken do make it feel more substantial than most, but it’s the pieces of dried apricot we like best, adding unexpected sweetness.

Veg, Egg Drop and Dumplings, Itsu

Happiness is a veggie goyza dumpling and a surprising egg (we *know* it’s in the name of the soup, but it still always feels like a present). Takes a while to eat too, despite its seemingly small size. So. Much. To. Taste.

Creamy slow roasted tomato, Eat

In our opinion Eat win the crown for the basic tomato soup. This one is rich and full of flavour. Pro-tip: take this one away, don’t eat in. You really need the walk back to work to let it cool down.

Louisiana Voo Doo, Glorious

Smoked paprika. And sausage. And peppers. Oh, hello, this is good. This is a relatively new flavour from Glorious foods: all of their range is pretty decent, but this one knocks it out of the park. Proper indulgent.

French onion soup, Waitrose

Like being in a restaurant, except at your desk. Parisian head waiters would probably find something to disapprove of in Waitrose’s take on the French bistro classic, but we don’t. As long as you have some way of dispelling onion breath afterwards.


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