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Historical homewares we love

House stuff from the past

Hilary Mantel appreciators will love everything about this Thomas More cushion which is made of a soft suede-y fabric (so Tudor). Lounge on the sofa and pretend you’re a bawdy wench in the court of Henry VIII drunk on mead with a goitre and no teeth. Thomas More cushion, £25, National Portrait Gallery

This powder blue ceramic vase is so beautiful and antique-looking, we want to fill it with meadow flowers and then prance off in a long skirt to sketch watercolour portraits under a weeping willow. Or something. Good old Zara Home. Coral vase with a raised pattern, £29.99, Zara Home

Nothing adds a bit of luxury like a piece of furniture you can imagine someone with lace cuffs and white tights perching on – and there’s nothing as regal as purple velvet. We like the idea of this adding luxury to an ultra-minimal room. And putting our feet up on it. The Valentin, £375,

Ornaments. If you’re going to do them, let them be sculpture-like, sturdy pieces of metal, rather than chintzy bits of frippery. This bronze figurine looks like it could be an art deco antique, but it’s less than £40. How extremely charming. *Waves cigarette holder* Bronze deco lady figurine, £36.99, English Heritage

There comes a time in one’s life when an 80p white Ikea plate just will not do. These Sevres-style plates will make even the most ramshackle dinner party seem like a banquet out of a Jane Austen novel. We suggest going the whole hog and lighting a lot of candles. Sevres green tin plate, £7.50, V&A