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Keash Braids tell us how to do this look for short hair

Taiba and Jessy tell us who the Rose style is great for and how we can do it at home

Keash Braids give us the lowdown on the ‘Rose’ style.

“We LOVE short-haired girls with a half up, half down cornrow style – what we call ‘Rose’. Whether you want your style tight and slick or loose with flyaways this style can work for you.

We keep our braiding kit to the bare essentials. Pick yourself up a Tangle Teezer, a fine-tooth tailed comb and some clear or black snag bands. We use loom bands if we want coloured ties.

Dependent on style, braids can last for days. The tighter the braids and the more product used will ensure your braids last you past your Friday night out. Girls with coarser hair types will be able to keep their braids in for longer if cared for.

For the Rose…

Start with your partings: this part usually takes the longest. Use a tail end comb to make them as neat as possible. Whether you want three or six braids is up to you, just divide your hair accordingly leaving half your hair loose.

Our go-to products are coconut oil, strong hold gel and hairspray. Rub coconut oil into the palm of your hands and fingertips and run your hands through the sections of hair you wish to braid to ensure the hair is manageable.

While braiding the hair keep the gel close by to manage and smooth down any flyaway stray hairs. Finish with a spritz of hairspray all over.”

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