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Whether you live in a country house or a tiny city flat, you don’t need a garden to flex your green fingers. Here’s our pick of the hanging planters to help you bring the outdoors in.

Image for High flier

High flier

Terrariums – like this glass and stainless steel number – are perfect for low-maintenance planting. Why? Because the glass lets in heat and light, making moisture from the plant evaporate, which condenses into vapour and drops down into the soil, keeping the plants watered. So simple. So clever. £25, Urban Outfitters

Image for Beauty pot

Beauty pot

If you like to keep your home accessories minimal and earthy (who doesn’t?), this is just the ticket. Made from stoneware and rope, the pot also comes in two other shapes and sizes for a trio of hardy hanging accoutrements with the enduring Danish cool of Sarah Lund. £38, Ferm Living

Image for Copper box

Copper box

What makes this slick copper planter even snazzier is the trailing ivy included when you buy one – possibly the easiest plant for even the most horticulturally challenged to grow. If ivy is a bit clingy for your liking, try a string of pearls plant instead. £40, Geo-Fleur

Image for Wall art

Wall art

If hanging planters don’t work in your living space, these diamond-shaped ceramic vessels are a great alternative. Fill it with flowers or, let’s be honest, anything (we’re plumping for a wine opener) and mount them to the wall. At last, a good reason to take down that Bananarama poster. £30, Umbra

Image for Gardener’s world

Gardener’s world

These open terrariums have Got. It. All. Each glass globe comes fitted with some pretty good-looking pebbles accompanied by the kind of air plant found in deserts and rainforests. Plants that can put up will all kinds of environments might just survive small flats with steamy showers and smoky ovens. From £10.95, The Worm That Turned