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Office dog: yes or no?

We’ve had actual arguments on this one

Anna Fielding is the editor of Emerald Street and prefers pets in the home.

“Last week someone offered to bring puppies to the office. I politely declined. Faces started to appear from behind computers, all looking at me like I was Cruella de Vil. But I stand by my anti-puppy decision: dogs have no place in offices.
There are practical, boring, health-and-safetyish reasons. The ones relating to allergies, phobias and the chance an office dog may go rogue, career about and finish by sicking up bits of the wiring on the inner workings of the printer.
I also object to having to be polite about someone’s pet. It’s quite hard to feign an attack of squee-ing, but not even trying looks cold. I have a soft spot for yawning hedgehog gifs and pictures of my friends’ children covered in food, but I don’t bring them into the office. Why? Firstly, I don’t expect everyone else to share my taste in what’s cute. And, secondly, this is a workplace and I expect everyone in it to be at least attempting to work. We don’t bring our mates round to sit on cushions in the corner and demand snacks, so why does the dog get a free pass?”

Jamie Klingler is Shortlist Media’s publishing manager and really loves her dog.

“Daily, I head home knowing that the greeting that I get will unequivocally be the best part of my day: those big eyes, that waggy tail, not to mention the kisses. Now imagine if I could share this joy with my colleagues every day. I am occasionally able to bring McNulty, my cavalier King Charles spaniel with me to the office. And she is met with laughter and joy and little cuddles throughout the day. Most of the office stop to chat to her and take a breather from their desks to stroke her. Luckily, she is an attention sponge and basks in the love.
Granted, I have a small, well trained dog, who is happy to sleep quietly on the chair next to me and to soak up the attentions of my colleagues. I understand that a work environment isn’t suitable for every dog, but there are many city pooches who know exactly how to behave in an office, know how to tell their owners when it is time for a walk and add to the collective experience of a work day. She’s my personal stress ball and, judging by the reaction, the highlight of my colleagues’ day when she visits us.”
Do you think dogs should be allowed in the office? Tweet us @EmeraldStreet using #officedog

Do you think dogs should be allowed in the office? Tweet us @EmeraldStreet using #officedog