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Our top 10 office dogs

Would you like a dog in your office? Emerald Street editor Anna says no. Shortlist Media publishing manager Jamie says yes. Our readers had a *lot* to say on the matter, too. They also had a lot of photos to post (generally, it has to be said, in support of pooches roaming through professional settings). Regardless of our personal opinions, we can always appreciate a cute dog when we see one. So, here are our top 10 office dogs, shared with us via Twitter. Keep the debate going @EmeraldStreet with the hashtag #OfficeDog

"#officedog definitely yes!" - @observaLDN
"YES, lowers collective blood pressure" - @TBoneGallagher
"People love to see Tilly & stop by the desk for a cuddle when they need to de-stress." - @HanLou_W
"Yes to #officedog! @EmeraldStreet Here are my 3 in the studio..." - @boundbyhand
"Our office dog is Simba. She keeps us smiling and gives us an excuse to go for walkies!" - @PlanitEventsLtd
"Who says office dogs don't pull their weight @EmeraldStreet? Look how hard Ernie's working!" - @sophieglorita
"A definite 'yes' from @CicadaComms #stressbusting" - @ajaneyc
"Yes to #officedog!!" - @KateWright1234
"Without these guys, how could we stand the rainy days?" - @scarlettabbott
"I have my own #officedog! He's well behaved, so why not?" - @ChanetteKennedy