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How to do the ‘Sarah’ style using Dutch braids

Keash Braids tell us how to plait this asymmetrical look at home

Here’s how to get the ‘Sarah’, with instructions from Keash Braids.

Begin with a severe side parting over the arch of the eyebrow, starting from the left and finishing to the right of the crown. Smooth coconut oil throughout the hair before you begin the braid.

Begin your dutch braid at the front-left point making sure to frame your face as you go. Make sure to keep hair pulled as tightly as possibly (the tighter you pull the slicker the look).

While braiding the hair keep the gel close by to manage and smooth down any flyaway stray hairs.

Continue the braid around the head ensuring you pick up all loose hair as you go and make sure to finish the braid as close to where the braid starts.

Complete the braid by plaiting the remaining hair to form the hanging plait. If you want more of a halo effect then you can clip the hanging plait into a halo. Finish with a spritz of hairspray all over.

For instructions on how to get another cool look by Keash Braids, take a look here.