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The HTC One M9: what are we missing?

We spoke to Graham Wheeler, HTC's Head of Product. This is what he told us.

What do you think is the coolest underused feature on one of your handsets?
“For me, it has to be the daily magazines and current affairs customised specifically for you on your Blinkfeed. It gives you a fully personalised stream of online content in seconds and allowing me to stay updated in a glance. Every time I travel I use my BlinkFeed to keep an eye on the news that matters to me. It even has an offline mode that means I can read all the articles on it when I don’t have signal, like when I’m on the Tube.”

What’s the most surprising thing an HTC handset can do?
“With the new HTC One M9 you can be your smartphone’s software graphic designer. For example, if there is an image or personal photograph that you particularly like, the M9 can intelligently analyse it in so you are able to modify the look and feel of your apps, colour scheme and backgrounds. This means you can make the handset look like it was crafted with that picture in mind, with all the colours, fonts and iconography colour matched by pressing one button.”

Is there anything very simple that users sometimes miss?
“As an engineer, I like precise information, so my very simple tip would be to adjust the battery indicator on the home screen to display battery life as a percentage – meaning you know exactly when to charge your phone.”

Which feature is your personal favourite?
“For me, it has to be HTC’s BoomSound – bringing your music, videos and games to life with commanding smartphone volume and dual front-facing speakers with built-in amps produce rich, clear and fully optimised audio. It directs the sound towards you when you are watching something. Plus the HTC One M9 now features Dolby audio, so you feel like the sound is all around you whether you are listening with headphones or not. I think it gives you a sense of being in the studio when the track was recorded. Like a lot of people, I use my phone to listen to music all the time so I want to make sure what I am listening to sounds the best it can be.”