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The best of this season’s nail trends

All the shiniest, trendiest, all round best nail varnishes we've found

There’s a wealth of sparkly polishes and topcoats, from glitter and sequins to confetti and crystals, which is a good way of getting into the party spirit even if you’re more of a basic blacks type. We like the catwalk tip of clear polish with stripe detail, or half-moon near the cuticle. Chasing rainbows, £11.95, OPI


Know what we want? Nails the colour of imaginary poison, mythical serpents and biblical fruits. So that’s maybe why we like Zoya’s rich, but not too dark, green, with a pearlescent luster that’s very ‘evil temptress at a country house party’. Which we like. £11, Love Lula

Pale, minimal polishes, from clear and blush right up to beige, are a big new nail trend. The super fashion way to wear it is with a medium length, gently rounded manicure featuring a metallic or colour half-moon on every finger, as seen on the models at Felder Felder. Nails in en pointe, £5, Topshop

Graphic shapes created with dark, dramatic colours were a bit of a thing at shows such as Opening Ceremony. Paint a triangle onto pale or clear nails using a dark shade such as Michael Kors Femme Fatale, or if you’re feeling crazy (or lazy), onto just your middle or ring finger. £15.50, House of Fraser

If you’re not a shiny, glittery sort of person, a super matt texture is the way to go. Choose an already mattified shade or add a topcoat to flatten out your regular polish, such as Mac Studio Matte Overlacquer. We also like the option of contrasting the matt-ness with a glossy section or nail. £10, Mac