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The iPhone: what are we missing?

The 10 best tips for any device running iOS8.

1. Insert photo or video into a mail message with a long press in the message body.

2. Save a draft by pulling down the mail, it will remain available to you at the bottom of the screen.

3. Tap and hold the new mail button to access all of your draft emails.

4. Send directions from your Mac to your iPhone from Apple Maps via the share button.

5. Have Siri read your messages to you, hold down the home button or the play pause button on your EarPods and ask Siri to “read me my messages”.

6. You can compose a reply by telling Siri what to write.

7. Do not disturb prevents your iPhone from ringing between set hours, for example between 11pm and 6am. If any of your favourite contacts call you or a second call from the same person comes within three minutes then your iPhone will ring.

8. Find your iPhone when it rings at the bottom of your bag by enabling led flash for alerts in the accessibility settings.

9. Quickly send your location from the message app by tapping details and selecting send my current location.

10. Quickly delete emails or messages by swiping right to left.