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The Sony Xperia Z3: what are we missing?

We asked a tech expert from Carphone Warehouse.

What do you think is the coolest underused feature on one of your handsets?
“The Sony Xperia Z3 can broadcast live video to YouTube or Facebook. It’s great if you’re at an event which your friends or family couldn’t come to. So if you’re having a birthday party but someone lives too far away to make it, they don’t have to miss out.”

What’s the most surprising thing a Sony handset can do?
“The Sony Xperia Z3 let’s you connect your Xperia Z3 directly to a PlayStation 4 over Wi-Fi, allowing you to play full console games on your mobile. It’s perfect for when you’re engrossed in a game but someone else wants to use the TV. You can just hit pause and then pick up your game again on your phone in the bedroom.”

Is there anything very simple that users sometimes miss? Along the lines of screen magnification or keeping an eye on battery life?
“The Sony Xperia Z3 has the highest rating for dust and water protection of any smartphone, so you can use it come rain or shine. On closer inspection you’ll notice metallic edges, with a slimmer design and curved dust covers. With this improved design it’s even more waterproof than the Sony Xperia Z2 and can survive being submerged in five feet of water for up to an hour.”

Which smartphone feature is your personal favourite?
“The Sony Xperia Z3 has incredible battery life. The phone’s battery is massive and the software is so efficient you could get close to two full days’ use from just a single charge. And if you need it to last even longer, STAMINA Mode can adjust all your settings to be as efficient as possible, making sure you get every single minute from the battery.”

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