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Things to do with gin

Mother's ruin: it's not just for drinking

Who doesn’t love gin? We’re taking a look at some different ways of using it. If you have any more then tweet us @emeraldstreet with the hashtag #ginvention. Bottoms up!

You can’t go wrong with a martini. As arch goddess Dorothy Parker once said: “I like to have a martini, two at the very most; three I’m under the table; four I’m under my host.” Quite. Make it with 50ml Tanqueray No. 10, and two dashes of vermouth. Stir. Strain into a glass; garnish with an olive. Don’t blame us if you end up under someone, OK?

What’s better than a G&T? One with a kicky, summer twist. We consulted Julia Forte of the London Gin Club who suggests experimenting with alternative garnishes. “Pour your gin into a glass. Add two slices of chilli pepper, an inch of cucumber and four basil leaves. Muddle, strain through a tea strainer and top up with tonic and lots of ice.”

Try to stay calm – we’ve discovered that there’s such a thing as gin and tonic CAKE thanks to vegetarian food blogger MissMeanMustard, AKA Stephanie Shuttleworth. Her recipe calls for dry gin, tonic, lemon and lashings of butter and sugar. May we suggest partaking of a slice while prancing about pretending to be Doris Day in April In Paris.

Gin doesn’t have to be about all things British: Miisa Mink of London’s Nordic Bakery suggests giving your gin-sipping a Nordic, midsummer-celebratory taste by pairing it with a cold pressed lingonberry cordial because “the tangy flavour works really well with the gin and it gives a good colour.” Serve with a slice of lime and a plate of meatballs as big as your head.

However you’re mixing gin, nothing will fancy it up like herby or (edible) flowery ice cubes. Yes! Add fragrant leaves to boiling water (this is so the ice stays clear), leave to cool and freeze. As the ice melts your drink will be infused with flavour. Try pepper, sugar and saffron threads or any combination of basil, mint, tarragon, oregano and dill.