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This is not porridge weather

Image for Salad. Yes, salad.

Salad. Yes, salad.

From Salad Love by David Bez (Quadrille, £16.99) is this sweet and savoury salad. Mix 50g salad leaves, 2 sliced peaches, a handful of blueberries, 50g chopped smoked cheddar and a handful of walnuts and fresh mint. Parma or Serrano ham makes a good addition.

Image for Chia on the go

Chia on the go

Chia is a good source of omega 3 fats, fibre and protein, making them a good breakfast option for that bit between an early class and the start of work. Chia Pods mix chia seeds, various fruits and coconut milk (like a really healthy rice pudding). Chia Pod, £2.49, Waitrose

Image for Overnight muesli

Overnight muesli

From Anna Jones’ A Modern Way To Eat (Fourth Estate, £25): the night before, mix 100g oats, 2 tsp white chia seeds, 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds, 350ml milk, 1 tbsp maple syrup, dash of vanilla extract and a squeeze of lemon juice in a bowl. Put in the fridge overnight and serve with peaches the next morning.

Image for Dairy free

Dairy free

Eat’s Mango & Passion Fruit Super Bircher, £1.99, mixes oats, quinoa, dried cranberries, coconut milk, mango and passionfruit compote. Plunge in a spoon, mix it up and you have a sweet, thick and creamy breakfast without the heat and stodge of porridge.

Image for Liquid breakfast

Liquid breakfast

Smoothies are quick to make and cold. So cold. We like BBC Good Food’s recipe: In a blender, put 450g bag frozen berries, 450g pot fat-free strawberry yogurt, 100ml milk, 25g porridge oats and 2 tsp honey. Whizz and serve.